A Child’s Perspective On The Death Of Her Mother

(The death of Maria Barbara, first wife of Johann Sebastian Bach as told by their eldest child, Catharina Dorothea.)

My father and the Prince finally returned from their trip! Finally! It was a very sad homecoming for him though, as he came rushing through the door to greet all of us and instead of being greeted with joy at his return, found a sad, forlorn and scared group of children. You see, my mother had died while he was gone. Father is so very very shocked and sad. He did not have a chance to tell my mother goodbye before she died.

Mama was so tired from all the work to run the house by herself that she got sick. It was so sudden that she died before one of my uncles could go to Carlsbad to fetch my Father. Mama was even buried with a few words from the pastor before Father got home. He was certainly shocked to walk into our home and find the boys sad and quiet and me trying my best to take Mama’s place. I don’t know what we will do now but I hope Father does not have to travel again for a while. I am scared of what might happen to us!

(This story above is one of many vignettes from the organ and multi-media and event, Bach and Sons, presented by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist with media artist, David Jordan.)


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