Feuding in Weimar?

(The final years in Weimar as told by Maria Barbara, Johann Sebastian Bach’s first wife.)

It is amazing that we have now lived in Weimar for nearly nine years. Our family has grown quickly during these years and we have made so many wonderful friends. There are so many superb musicians in the courts and towns around the Weimar area, and my Johann is one of them. He is frequently asked to travel to neighboring royal courts and nearby towns to share his musical talents and is becoming very well known throughout the German state.

We have been very happy in Weimar. Johann is very successful and Weimar was where we had decided we wanted to stay forever to raise our beautiful family. Then the feuding started! Feuding you ask? Oh dear yes! The feud is between my husband’s employer, Duke Wilhelm Ernst and his nephew and heir, Ernst August. Unfortunately, my husband has found himself in the middle of their feud and the Duke is not happy in the least.

(This story is one of many in the Bach and Sons organ and media event performed by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist with David Jordan, media artist.)


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