The Bachs Are Off to Weimar

(Maria Barbara, Johann Sebastian Bach’s first wife, shares the news that they are leaving Muhlhausen and moving to Weimar.)

St. Blaise
Muhlhausen, Germany

Glorious news! Johann Sebastian has just returned home and he tells me the interview went superbly and that he was immediately hired as Kapellemeister and chamber musician at the court of his majesty, Duke Wilhelm of Saxe-Weimar. Tomorrow he will resign his position at St. Blaise’s in Muhlhausen and we will move to Weimar.

Ah, Weimar! Life is so different here. It is like another world. Johann has a wonderful salary and besides that, some men showed up with grain and wood and wine at our front door the other day. This is the way we now live here in Weimar.

Weimar, Germany

Johann Sebastian has started his new job and he is so happy. The Duke does not tolerate the religious rancor that had marked our time at Muhlhausen and he told JS he would be free to develop his ideas on “well-regulated church music” at Weimar. It is such a blessing to have Johann Sebastian happy and engaged in his music, playing his violin, but also composing, composing and composing!

We also have a new baby, our first. We named her Catharina Dorothea and she is a healthy beautiful baby. Ah, our lives are so full and happy here in Weimar.

(This story above is one of many vignettes from the organ and multi-media and event, Bach and Sons, presented by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist with media artist, David Jordan.)


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