What is the Bach and Sons Organ and Multi-Media Concert Experience?


The fascination of Bach and Sons
is the blending of various artistic elements into one story.

Jeannine Publicity

The historically informed organ performance of Dr. Jeannine Jordan, who also continually weaves the story together through the narrative of the women in Bach’s life, creates an experience that you will remember forever.

Creating the "magic" of Bach and Sons

Live projection on a large screen tells the stories and showcases the organ music against a continuously changing backdrop of creative visuals by David Jordan.

You will travel with Bach and his sons through the trials and tribulations of the challenging life they shared and you will gain insight into the human being, Johann Sebastian Bach, and what he went through to create the music he made.

Visit www.bachandsons.com to discover the details of this
fascinating concert experience.

bss logo reflected for slide showDr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist, and David Jordan, media specialist are the creators and performers of two organ and multi-media concert experiences,
Bach and Sons and From Sea to Shining Sea. 
To share one of these unique experiences with your community,
please contact Dr. Jordan at jeannine@promotionmusic.org.


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