Promoting Bach and the Classical Organ in a Creative Manner

If you love the organ music of JS Bach, you probably want to share his music and this incredible instrument with the world. But what can one person do to give others the opportunity to know and love the classical organ and its repertoire as you do? What are some ways you might introduce the world of the classical organ to someone who may never have heard such as instrument?

  • Read books and articles about Bach and the world of the organ and share your knowledge. Share not only your knowledge, but also the reason you are interested in this remarkable instrument with your spouse, with a friend, or with a church member. Show them photos of great organs, give them a bit of history (after all the organ is one of the oldest instruments in existence), and always share your enthusiasm!
  • Encourage a church or organization to host an organ event. An organ concert or an event, which features the organ as part of an organ and media show (such as Bach and Sons presented by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist with David Jordan, media artist), is an excellent way to showcase the organ and tell the story of Bach and his family.
  • Give an Organ Activity Book to a child and work through it with them. Organ Activity Books (Wayne Leupold publisher) introduce the organ to children through stories, coloring and activity pages, and listening examples in conjunction with a visit to a local organ. Sharing your enthusiasm about the organ through creative stories and activities helps a young person see the organ in a positive marvelous context from their first introduction. For that young person, the organ will never be just something heard only at church or funerals. You will have planted a seed for the world of the organ.
  • Visit websites such as Bach and Sons and Pro-Motion Music to find a wealth of organ related information. On sites dedicated to the organ, you will find not only concert listings, YouTube videos, CDs, DVDs, music, and books. You will also find links to other organ sites, blogs full of interesting information about organists sharing their work in the organ world, and forums to discuss organ building, organ repertoire, and any other organ topic you can imagine.

Dedicate yourself to sharing the organ world and JS Bach with those non-organists who are in your world. Sharing your enthusiasm today about the “King of Instruments”  and the music of JS Bach will possibly one day create for the world a new concert organist.

Celebrating JS’ and CPE Bach’s Birthdays in Style

In celebration of Johann Sebastian Bach’s 328th birthday and his son, Carl Philipp Emanuel’s 300th birthday, Dr. Jeannine and David Jordan presented their organ and media concert experience, Bach and Sons, twice in March 2014 in the state of Oregon.  The first concert experience was presented by the Linn-Benton Chapter of the Oregon Music Teachers Association and the Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan of Corvallis, Oregon as part of their Sundays@3 Concert Series on Sunday, March 16th, 2014 at 3:00 p.m.  A standing-room-only crowd reveled in the music and story of Bach.  Enthusiastic teenagers provided more Bach for concert-attendees at the reception following the concert.

The second Bach and Sons concert experience celebrating the Bach birthdays was hosted by Rodgers Instruments of Hillsboro, Oregon and was presented on the new Rodgers four manual Infinity digital organ at the Corporate Headquarters Showroom on Sunday afternoon, March 30th, 2014 at 3:00 p.m.  Another full-house was awed by the story of this amazing man and his music.

To learn more of the Bach and Sons organ and multi-media event and host this unique concert experience in your city, visit

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist and David Jordan, media artist are the creators and performers of this unique one-of-a-kind event telling the story of Bach in music, word, and image.

What is the Bach and Sons Organ and Media Event Like?


Let the audience members and hosts of our recent Bach and Sons performances tell you in their words about our Bach and Sons organ and media experience.

Bach and Sons

“is magical with different camera angles of the organist, photographs, videos and other resources projected to a huge screen.”  Glenn Rodgers, Music Minister, First United Methodist, Moorestown, NJ and Regional Councillor for Region III of the American Guild of Organists

“is educational.  I learned so much about Bach and his family.”  audience member

“Everybody enjoyed this live event. Get this program for your chapter or concert series if you possibly can” – Evelyn Larter, Dean SW Jersey Chapter of American Guild of Organists

“captures the human side of Bach.” music lover

“integrates graphics which really compliment and lead the audience through the story of Bach.”  Alan Chambers, Director of Rodeheaver Series, Warsaw, Indiana

“is more than the organist playing the spots and showing off her technique.  It is a story told with music, and words, and visuals.”  organist

“Dr. Jeannine Jordan presented a spectacular “Bach and Sons” program for the Newport community last week. The younger students were riveted throughout the entire performance as was the rest of the full house. It could not have been better.”   Rita Warton, President, Lincoln County District, OMTA

“This kind of presentation is melded perfectly into the mission of the Evensong Concert Series. Your idea of bringing Bach’s music to so many people in an informative and accessible way is fantastic. It was just what I was hoping for and I know many people came away inspired and renewed.”  Paul Klemme, Director of Music Ministries and Coordinator of the Evensong Concert Series of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Salem, Oregon

“includes some of the most incredible music ever written for the King of Instruments.”  Alan Chambers

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Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist and David Jordan, media specialist are the creators and presenters of Bach and Sons.

Will Your Organization Be The Next Host of Bach and Sons?

header21.jpgWHERE – Bach and Sons can be performed in…

  • Churchesdornheim-from-front-full-view.jpg
  • Universities
  • Concert halls
  • Countries worldwide (In German speaking countries Dr. Jordan presents the show’s narration in German

Do you know a…

  • Bach enthusiast
  • Music lover

Past hosts of some of our most recent concerts include: 

  • The Region VIII American Guild of Organists Convention
  • The Music on Market Series in Wooster, Ohio
  • The Organ Concert Series in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The Rodeheaver Series in Warsaw, Indiana
  • Warsaw First United Methodist Church
  • The Convocation Series of Manchester University
  • The Fort Wayne American Guild of Organists Chapter
  • The SW Jersey American Guild of Organists Chapter
  • The Lincoln County Chapter of the Oregon Music Teachers Association
  • The St. Paul’s Evensong Series of Salem, Oregon
  • Personal donors from Oregon coastal communities with all proceeds benefiting Habitat for Humanity

Contact Jeannine to ask questions, propose ideas, or schedule your performance of Bach and Sons

Why Should An Organization Sponsor Bach and Sons?

Audience members and recent hosts of Bach and Sons, the organ and multi-media event presented by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist and narrator and David Jordan, media artist, describe WHY Bach and Sons is an experience to be shared with a community.

Bach and Sons…

“engaged and captivated our students.”

“allows one to hear from the women in Bach’s life.”  Debra Lynn, Fine Arts Department Chair of Manchester University

“is a fantastic and unique educational experience and a top quality production and performance.”  Glenn Rodgers, Regional Councillor, Region III, American Guild of Organists

“keeps Bach alive for my generation and the next generation as well.”  organ student

“non-organists were just overwhelmed to learn so much and they were so impressed with Dr. Jordan’s playing and narration.”  David Rhody, Program Committee SW Jersey Chapter of the American Guild of Organists

“is entertaining:  you learn a lot, you laugh a lot, and you hear a bunch of great music.”  Greg Vey, Dean Fort Wayne Chapter of the American Guild of Organists

“Everybody greatly enjoyed this event and learned a few things they didn’t know.  Get this program for your chapters or concert series if you possibly can.”  Evelyn Larter, Dean SW Jersey Chapter of the American Guild of Organists

“has made sure that the tradition of fine organ music never dies.”  AGO board member

Visit to learn more of this live organ and multi-media experience. To bring this unique event to your community, please contact Jeannine Jordan at

Bach and Sons – an Experience for Everyone!

What do a concert series, a church, a university, and AGO chapters have in common? Bach and Sons.  We just returned from our three-week four-concert endorphin rush* tour performing our Bach and Sons organ and media show for university students, organists, music-lovers, and concert-goers in Indiana and New Jersey!

You can feel in the comments made by the Guest Contributors to this blog, the attendees and sponsors of our recent Bach and Sons concerts, the endorphin rush* our live Bach and Sons performance creates for audiences and sponsors.

Bach and Sons is an experience for everyone

“We had students, lay people and organists at Bach and Sons today and the reaction and response was overwhelmingly positive.  We need more of this kind of this kind of program for our society to hear.”  Martin Gigler, Sub-Dean Fort Wayne AGO

“I was transported to Bach’s world!  Getting to watch the performer helped me listen in a new way.”  David Hupp, piano professor Manchester University

“I was inspired to learn some new Bach repertoire and dust off some of my favorite Bach pieces.”  Tom Magee, organist

“This is an event that is not only fun and exciting for organists, but explains organ music and the life of Bach to non-musicians.”  Greg Vey, Dean of Ft. Wayne AGO Chapter

“My child was captivated by the story, videos, and the Bach coloring/activity book.”  parent

To join the “rush” and schedule a Bach and Sons experience for your community, contact me at

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, co-creator of organ and media concerts and concert organist

Bach and Sons at the Region VIII AGO Convention

header1.jpgThe unique and original organ and media event, Bach and Sons, was presented by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist and David Jordan, media artist, as a featured event at the Region VIII American Guild of Organists Convention in Salem, Oregon on June 24, 2013. Bach and Sons played to an enthusiastic audience of not only organists, but historians, educators, students, and music lovers as well.

Bach and Sons was created by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist and David Jordan, media artist to bring to life Johann Sebastian Bach and his family.  Using live narration by the women important in the Bach family, historically informed live performance of the organ music of JS Bach and his sons, live camera feeds, and stunning visuals the audience was involved in and engaged by the story of Bach.

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist

Luther and Bach

On July 26th and August 2nd (2013) I will be performing organ concerts at the Stadtkirche in Wittenberg-Lutherstadt, Germany.  The Stadt- und Pfarrkirche St. Marien zu Wittenberg (Town and Parish Church of St. Mary’s) is the civic church of the German town of Lutherstadt-Wittenberg. The reformer Martin Luther preached there and the building also saw the first celebration of the mass in German rather than Latin and the first ever distribution of the bread and wine to the congregation – it is thus considered the mother-church of the Protestant Reformation.

Because of the strong tie to Luther and the Reformation, and the ongoing decade-long celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in Wittenberg, the repertoire I have chosen for both concerts is entirely based on Luther chorales or the chorale settings of Luther texts.  The first of the concerts will be comprised of Luther chorale settings by American composers and the second of settings by Johann Sebastian Bach.

The compositions chosen for the second concert represent the entirety of Bach’s compositional output from the early years to the end of his life.  The program begins with a setting of Luther’s most famous chorale and text, Ein Feste Burg ist unser Gott (originally BWV 720).  Thought to be composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, it is now assumed to have been composed by Johann Michael Bach.

Also included in the program are settings of chorales composed by Martin Luther:

Von Himmel hoch da komm’ ich her (BWV 769)

Nun komm’ der Heiden Heiland (BWV 661)

Christ lag in Todes Banden (BWV 625) — melody by Wipo aus Burgund of the 11th century with a new melodic version from Martin Luther in 1524

Komm, Heiliger Geist (BWV 651) — existing melody of unknown origin adapted by Martin Luther and Johann Walther

Arrangements of chorales by other composers using Luther texts complete the program:

Von Himmel kam der Engel Schaar (BWV 607) — melody by Michael Praetorius

Wir glauben all’ an einen Gott (BWV 1098) — melody by Johannes Eccard

Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam (BWV 684) — melody first appearing in the Geystliche gesangk Buchleyn of 1524

Bach obviously found great delight in creating organ settings of these Luther chorales.  They certainly create a joyous program for the Stadtkirche during this 500th anniversary celebration of the Reformation.


Preserving the Past for the Future – September 6, 2014

dornheim-from-front-full-view.jpgOn Sunday, September 6, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. we will be performing our Bach and Sons organ and multi-media concert at the Bach Wedding Church in Dornheim, Germany.  It is thrilling to have the opportunity to present our concert, which we see as a means to preserve the story of Johann Sebastian Bach for future generations, in this historic church.

JS Bach’s Wedding Church is now a well-known memorial to Bach, with thousands of visitors from all over the world.  However, this monument to the past was nearly destroyed in 1996. It was in such a desolate state that demolition was being considered.  However, a group of villagers, led by true patrons of the arts and Bach history Rosemarie and Juergen Frey, rescued the building and provided for its restoration.

These citizens of Dornheim, with financial support from the Foundation for the Protection of Monuments in Thuringia, the Office for Protection of Monuments, and the Protestant churches of Thuringia, have not only provided a place for organists to perform, but through their research and preservation work have made sure this integral part of the story of Johann Sebastian Bach never dies. 

….Jeannine Jordan, concert organist and creator with David Jordan of the Bach and Sons, organ and multi-media eventheader21.jpg

Bach and Sons in Austria

In August, we were privileged to perform the world premier of the German version of our organ and media event, Bach and Sons, in Ried, Austria.  Part of the Innveirtler Kultursommer concert series, the concert played to an enthusiastic audience at the stunning Baroque Stadtpfarrkirche.

Stadtpfarrkirche, Ried, Austria

With the incredible organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons superbly played by Dr. Jeannine Jordan on the Mathis organ; narration in German by Dr. Jordan telling the story of the Bach family through the eyes of the women important to the Bach family; stunning visuals by David Jordan putting the audience in the cities, churches, schools, and homes where Bach lived and worked;  and what the audience loved most — three camera feeds with live images projected to a large screen giving everyone an opportunity to see the organist actually playing this great music, the audience was in awe of this new telling of the story of Bach.

To learn more of the Bach and Sons organ and media experience, please visit the Bach and Sons website at