Enthusiastic Audience is Thrilled by Bach and Sons at the BYU Summer Organ Workshop

An audience of over 300 were thrilled with Dr. Jeannine and David Jordan’s performance of Bach and Sons, their innovative organ and multi-media concert experience, on Tuesday evening, August 4th, 2015 at Madsen Hall on the Brigham Young University campus.  Bach and Sons was presented as the opening concert of the 2015 BYU Summer Organ Workshop.

The fascination of Bach and Sons is the blending of various artistic elements into one story. The audience was instantly engaged in the story of Johann Sebastian Bach and his family.  The historically informed organ performance of Dr. Jeannine Jordan, who also wove the story together through the narrative of the women in Bach’s life, created an experience that immersed the audience in the story and provided a memorable concert experience.

Live projection on a large cinematic-sized screen moved the story forward visually and showcased the organ music against a continuously changing backdrop of creative visuals by David Jordan. The audience traveled with Bach and his sons through the trials and tribulations of the challenging life they shared and gained insight into the human being and what he went through to create the music he made.

Visit www.bachandsons.com to learn more of this fascinating audience-engaging concert experience by co-creators and performers, David Jordan, media artist with concert organist, Dr. Jeannine Jordan.